The image features a white pickup truck with blue and turquoise branding for Lay's on its side, parked in a green wheat field during what appears to be early evening. The truck, likely used for promotional or delivery purposes, is shown in a natural, rural setting, emphasizing a connection to farming or agricultural activities.

Lays Canterbury: About Us

Our accomplished team here at Lays are more than just a group of professionals, we’re passionate about delivering outstanding accounting and business advisory services to our local and rural businesses here in the South Island.

With a diverse range of expertise and decades of experience across a range of industry types including commercial, agriculture and farming, each member of our team brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. Our seasoned team at Lays is a testament to our commitment and reliability in the field. We’re driven by a shared goal – to support our clients in achieving their financial objectives and to make this journey as smooth and successful as possible.

Over the last two decades, Lays have continued to expand and have established a remarkable history of providing expert accounting and advisory services tailored to rural and commercial businesses. Our journey began with a vision to cater to the unique needs of farming and agricultural businesses here in New Zealand.

Today, we proudly employ an exceptional team of 20 dedicated professionals who have earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence in their respective fields. We remain committed to continued growth and exceptional service to our clients.

Our History


Lays was founded in 2004 by Mike Lay, and initially operated from a small office in Leeston shared with local solicitors, Ronald Angland & Sons. Soon after opening Mike employed 1 staff member and began the journey of growing a rural based accountancy practice.


In 2006, we relocated to the new refurbished old Post Office building at 66 High Street in Leeston, providing us with the space needed for expansion with Steven Free joining our growing team of 4.


In November 2007, as part of our commitment to the Selwyn Area, the Lays expansion took a significant step forward with the opening of the Rolleston office and Andrew Lambie moving full time to Rolleston manage and grow the business.


Recognising our growth in the Mid Canterbury region, we decided to open a location in Ashburton and currently share a space in the Tavendale Partners building in Cass Street.


As a further sign of our commitment to the Selwyn Area and to cater for growth, we opened a new office in Lyttelton, Street Lincoln and relocated 4 staff to work permanently from our new location.


In 2024 Lays celebrates 20 years in business!